10 Insanely Cool Lifestyle Gadgets


The world around us is evolving rapidly. Technological products dominate the market and influence our lives, and although that is often seen as something sinister, they are actually the opposite and help us glide through life easier, and in style. In this fast-paced world, these following gadgets both help you keep up and lead a more balanced life.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Price: $199

Imagine wearing one of the best sunglasses with 99% UVA/UVB protection and listening to quality music at the same time! Time Best Invention 2019 Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses gives you just that. Integrated with world-famous Bose speakers, microphone for clear calls, and access to virtual assistants, this sunglass guarantees that others cannot hear your playlist. The rich, immersive experience can stream for around 3 hours (2 hours charging) and has a 9m Bluetooth range.

OnePlus 7T

Price: $499.99

The OnePlus 7T boasts a 6.55 inches screen, 48MP primary camera, and 16MP back-camera with excellent color contrast, low light, and distortionless zoom and a long run with 3800mAh battery. Hailed as one the best smartphones in recent times, OnePlus 7T offers a sleek design, 90Hz fps, and smooth running complemented by advanced chipset and the new Android 10, costing much less. The UI is also very comfortable for the eyes, which does not bog the homepage too much, yet hosting numerous features.

MI Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Price: $32

The cheapest and best fitness tracker ever, MI Band 4 offers multiple features workouts and health monitoring featuring steps, distance, calories, heart-rate and sleep checks. It has a good grip, running up to 20 hours on a single charge of 2 hours. Additional features such as alarms, proximity, timer, stopwatch, calls, calendar, app notifications, finding lost phone, music and more make it a further lucrative buy.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH XB900

Price: $248

If you’re a bass lover like me, WHXB900N of the award-winning Sony Bluetooth Headsets gives you the musical experience you have been waiting for. With the industry’s best noise-cancellation, 30 hours of battery life and clear calls, the remarkable design of Sony Noise Cancelling WHXB900N should be your target. The headphone also provides a smooth touch control, app control, and built-in Alexa.

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Price: $295

A beautifully built professional looking watch, the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is powered by Google Wear OS, smart battery modes and a plethora of supported apps like Nike Run, Spotify, Calm, GPay and Virtual Assistants like Google Assistant. Apart from the usual heart-rate, calorie and GPS, Fossil Gen 5’s speakers and microphones are the best in the industry to give an all-round immersive smartwatch experience.

Lightning LS-218 Electric Motorcycle

Price: $38,888

Electric motorcycles are the hot-topic in vehicles, and Lightning’s LS-218 does justice to it. Although a bit high-priced, LS-218 Electric Motorcycle is the best from Lightning and a well-researched and tested ride. With the advantage of instant torque, faster pickups, programmable features in the mechanism, and of course, highly eco and noise-friendly, LS-218 charges in 30 minutes with a fast charger. The motorbike delivers a 168Nm torque and 218MPH high speed, complemented by a 200HP engine.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Price: $249.99

Nanoleaf Canvas is an intelligent wall decor that automatically detects the mood, light and ambience of the room, and changes colour accordingly. Such a gadget can liven up the same place for a bright morning and an energetic party or play along the music being played. Reacting to touch, voice commands or virtual assistants, the low power-drawing smart squares can be customized into a work of creative art. The colours are specifically researched to have a soothing effect, so don’t worry about glaring flashy lights.

Google Nest Hub Max

Price: $229

Google’s Nest Hub Max is a hub or centralized gadget that lets you manage all connected smart devices and apps. It tracks and controls the lights, curtains and connected smart AC, Fridge, Oven, etc from a remote location. Furthermore, you get hands-free help from Google-Assistant, such as calendar or pickup reminders and weather. It has a built-in Chromecast, offering multi-room audio and voice commands from far away, helping you with your daily chores. 

Growlerwerks uKeg 128

Price: $209 (128 oz)/ $141 (64 oz)

Ever dreamt of serving cold beer at home, the beach or up the mountain? Growlerwerks uKeg 128 brings you a draft beer growler that keeps any beverage cold and carbonated for upto 2 days and is very easy to use and clean. Your favourite beer is vacuum protected and custom pressurized before you pour a glass at any place, any time. With custom dispenser taps, food-grade CO2 capsules and a pressure gauge, Growlerwerks uKeg 128 is an innovative gadget for personal usage and gifting.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

Price: Yet to come

LG’s Signature OLED TV is featured to become the ultimate urban life TV. It will have:

  • Rollable screen, saving up space to show-off your interior decor. The screen will disappear, on physical touch or voice commands through google assistant or Alexa
  • Deep Learning (AI) and Dolby Vision speakers that will sense the mood, time and surroundings for an enhanced and personalized TV experience
  • Soft yet sturdy design with natural wool, kevlar, and pure metal to put up a modern beauty

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